How to Build a Successful Downline with TriVita: Unbiased Reviews

TriVita has reportedly had their fair share dose of legal woes over the past and even recently. A while back, they got seriously slapped by the FTC for unsubstantiated health relieve claims for $3.5 million. Just recently, they were denied by the court in trade marking a name for one of their Juice. Let me just say this; lawsuits against companies is nothing new when a company grows to a certain level. Of course, TriVita would have loved to avoid a lawsuit, but with so many reps and distributors on the streets, it can be difficult. People generally have a tendency to pick on Network Marketing companies in legal battles that s ignorant. We really hope that TriVita fights through it, overcome it and fix whatever the trouble is. The mothers of Network Marketing, Amway, Herbalife and many other are no strangers to lawsuits either. Hopefully, this too shall pass. About Succeeding in TriVita as an Independent Rep: The investment minded rep is the driving force in TriVita and the other multi

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